OWEN Rattan Sideboard

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Solide Teak Sidebarod in Natural/Walnut Finishing
Material : Teakwood, Natural Grid Rattan
Finishing : Natural/Walnut
Dimension : W150cm D40cm H94cm

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Made of solid teak wood, OWEN Sideboard provides ample storage. Not only durable, the small-grid rattan on its doors also ensure proper ventilation. Inspired by the Japandi style, OWEN’s design is refined and sophisticated, elevating the aesthetic of your living room. OWEN sideboard will age gracefully and endure the test of time.

Care Tips:

  1. Indoor teakwood furniture requires little maintenance. Use cloth to remove any dusts.
  2. Subsequently, you can wipe the furniture using damp cloth soaked in mild soap and warm water. For more stubborn grime, feel free to use a soft scrub brush. 
  3. Let the furniture dry
  4. If there is any spill, ensure that spill is wiped out as soon as possible to prevent any permanent discoloration. However, teakwood is fortunately more resistant as it contains natural oil to repel water and insects.
  5. For the rattan part, use handheld vacuum/ soft brush to remove any dust. 
  6. Thereafter, wipe using damp cloth soaked in mild soap and warm water. Use clean, dry cloth to dry parts that are wetter and allow the rest of the piece to dry. 
  7. As rattan is susceptible to mold growth if placed in damp environment, you can wipe the moldy parts using a bleach and water solution. Use protective gloves when doing this step. For more stubborn moldy growth,  use can use soft brush. Dry your furniture with a soft cloth.
40 × 42 × 112 cm

Natural, Walnut

1 review for OWEN Rattan Sideboard

  1. Timberry

    Efficient storage space with pleasing aesthetic and style!

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